Suzuki GSX S1000 : Review : PowerDrift

2015 Suzuki GSX-S1000 | Review | PowerDrift

A beast, that is what it is! Suzuki GSX-S1000 brings to the enthusiasts not just raw naked power but also the gush of pumping adrenaline.
Our Sergeant swings a leg over & lives to tell the tale!

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  • great production !! fun, fun video!!


  • I’m getting this bike now

  • A Kawasaki vs suzuki no chance, a suzuki is a suzuki and personally suzuki is one of the best japanese bike manufacturers ❤❤

  • Lets all say it this dude has balls big ones , he knows how to ride the @#$% out of every machine

  • which colour is best in suzuki gsx s1000 (blue or cherry red) tell me bro

  • First ever video of PowerDrift I watched some three years ago ❤️
    Love at first sight❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Best Tester with Best Big Bike GSX-S1000, make it Perfect bro👌👍

  • Thank my man! Looking this review, I'm 100% sure that my next bike will be this Gsxs 1000. I have a V-Strom and a Sv650s, now I want a GSXS!

  • Really great review just got myself a 2019 gxs s1000 at a crazy price i practically stole it.

  • That helmet

  • Super. Born.sef

  • Great review and film quality superb. My only suggestion would be to balance the musical score whilst talking so as to be heard more. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Hello .. thanks for the video .. just bought the same bike 2018 .. but it drifts when I lean .. (tire slip) do u guys think its the tire? Or it's the bike ? Tire is 2 years old kept in the dealership .

  • Im an old school suzuki bloke, ride a z900 now.
    Go the ZED!!!!!


  • One of the best reviewers on the tube 👍👍

  • im 250 cc rider but i watch this video regularly

  • Max speed of the susuki?

  • Gotta love this bike. Great video, greetings from Brazil!

  • Excellent review, ……. And you can ride. …. Unlike most of the fakes doing so-called reviews. Good work.

  • Definitely man! most powerful voice & too handsome. when you review or presenting something it’s just boom like superbike! love u sir…

  • What's the price

  • Which one is best z800 vs gsx s750 pls tell me i want to buy .

  • 역시 바이크는 병렬 4기통이야 ㅠ.ㅠ

  • Fantastic camera work. It really is a beautiful review.

  • I still feel this is one of the best looking bike…

  • wtf 128km/h at 1 gear !!!!!wow

  • I have no words to say about your video editing and videography, but one thing you should change is your mic as there is lot of air noice and buzz 😉😉

  • Breath taking review!🤩

  • Cute rocket… Haha

  • Nice

  • What a review 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Who else is binge watching PowerDrift?

  • Can you guys make new video on New Gsx s1000 2019 Edition. It's now different and even more amazing. please….

  • Huippu pyörä oi kun sais tollasen

  • 4 years on and this is still a ball-tearing review. Love the confidence in the wet – really inspires. My bike is a Ninja 1000 and it does it for me after a Blackbird and an ST-2 Ducati in the past. Excellent work guys and can't wait to check more of your reviews! Cheers from Sydney, Aust – Dave

  • TVs sports the best byck super miles

  • Where can i buy the jacket and pants "power drift" and helmet if Available

  • Its great man and i like your review bro

  • dd Add A

    Author Reply

    Sir make video on BMW s1000r and other 1000cc bikes

  • Your video was one of the reasons to have a closer look on that beast. And you were so damn right: f*****'🚀😁
    1,5 years later I own my own 2018 F-Model 😉👍🏼

  • No comparison video of these bike !why pd ?

  • Does it comes with riding modes

  • Just a solid powerful street sport moto, it has nothing to prove to no one just the rider, beautiful and simple.

  • Insane Gxs1000 👌💀

  • Bro. Im planning to buy a z1000.. Can u i get ur advice what is the best.. Gsx s1000 or z1000r.. Pls. Give me an advise.. Ty.. 😇😇😇

  • Review the 2019 model

  • Vaow