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Let’s Play…THE BARBER SHOP! Welcome Back to Gennyb’s SWAG (Some Weird Ass Games)… I’m taking some time to get outside my “comfort zone” with gaming and Youtube videos. Enjoy the weird ride and leave a LIKE to help support this experimental journey!!!

About The Barber Shop:

The Barber Shop is a fun game that utilizes the awesome power of the Unreal Engine to simulate beard trimming in a charming old timey barber shop in the 1930’s.

Using a set of clippers and some cut-throat razors, you must trim your customers beards into the style they desire – no matter how bizarre. You start off with simple styles, but as you progress, your customers will ask for more and more outlandish designs, such as ‘The Goat’ or ‘The Depp’. Do a good job and you’ll be awarded good score and be rewarded with more money – which can be used for purchasing blinged up clippers and razors, as well as some snazzy capes for the customer to wear.

The attention to detail in the barber shop is fantastic, with a fully rendered 3D interior and a great authentic 1930’s soundtrack reminiscent of Fallout 3’s iconic music. This creates a calming atmosphere in the game, making The Barber Shop a wonderfully relaxing place to hang out and trim beards (even when you’re screwing up the cuts!)

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