Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) KILL COUNT

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***CORRECTION: I misheard the lyrics – Mrs. Lovett doesn’t cook cats into pies, her neighbor Mrs. Mooney does. My bad!***

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    ►►**VIDEO CORRECTION: I misheard the lyrics – Mrs. Lovett doesn't cook cats into pies, her neighbor Mrs. Mooney does. My bad!**

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  • When Todd said my something is complete he became jack sparrow because he is jack sparrow XD

  • I like every time he shows his face it’s more and more shaved

  • johnny depp is so talented omg

  • Who’s else is only here cause of The Office

  • is it bad that my dad showed this movie to me when I was 8

  • “BUSINESS!!”
    -James A. Janisse 2020

  • Since he’s done Sweeney Todd he needs to do Johnny depp other horror movie the secret window

  • 2:11 you telling em there’s only one horror movie that won best movie and that’s silence of the lambs

  • Bellatrix AND Snape!!!

  • 3 actors from harry potter are in this movie

  • I love how his beard changes

  • This movie is just jack sparrow going Around killing death eaters

  • Some random guy here just mentioning that depp is a german word for fool:)

  • This is a movie I wanted James to cover and he did a day before my birthday

  • Id loveeeee a kill count on my personal favorite musical "little shop of horrors" !! Be awesome!

  • I miss Alan Rickman 😭💔 everytime I see or hear his face i get teary eyed.

  • There was a guy that was going up the stairs with Sweeney Todd during Mrs.lovetts grand re-opening-
    So unless that guy was one of the guys that got slashed, 12 people died

  • Wormtail and snape two famous Harry Potter characters who's actors in one move shit and bellatrix lestrange

  • All I can see and hear from Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow…

  • N ON O

    Author Reply

    Dont mind this just for later

  • I freaking love this guy…. SERIOUSLY IF I WAS A GIRL……. I’d ugh….. Well actually no I’m not that in love but dude I FLIPPING LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. New Subscriber Alert 🚨 🚨 🚨

  • Weird how like all the main actors of this movie play characters in the Harry Potter universe.

  • how tf are bellatrix, snape, and wormtail all in this movie