The Best Pocket-Friendly Retro Emulation Handheld – RG280M

The RG280M is the latest metal retro emulation handheld from Anbernic. Coming in with one less analog stick than its predecessors, the RG280M is the most pocket-friendly retro handheld on the market. In this video, I review the changes in the RG280M and provide some considerations for people thinking about buying one as a retro handheld.



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00:00 – Intro
00:44 – Build
02:35 – Teardown
03:41 – Feel
04:17 – IPS Screen
05:19 – FBA
06:22 – GB
06:47 – GBC
07:06 – GBA
07:44 – SNES
08:33 – PS1
09:26 – Closing

Magic Sword
Mega Twins
Super Mario Land 2
Final Fantasy Legend 2
LoZ Oracle of Seasons
Super Mario Bros Deluxe
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure
Fire Emblem
Rayman Advanced
R-Type 3
LoZ A Link To The Past
Spyro The Dragon
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
The Legend of Dragoon

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  • These are bull, I just got a RG350 and the screen doesn't look like the, they enhance them for these companies

  • Love your channel! Would a high end android phone with a Snapdragon 865 connected to a 8bitdo bluetooth controller emulate retro consoles better compared to those devices?

  • I would like to know if the face buttons on this one are more clicky like the 2DS or do they feel more along the lines of the 350 where they are more on the soft side? For me the buttons on the 350 was what kept it from being perfect for me.

  • JAY Z

  • How Long will ist take to get a great build quality system like the anbernic Handhelds with a CPU Like the rk2020?

    I loooove the RG280 and RG350 but the benefits of the rk2020 or oga are too appealing to me. PSP N64 and DC? Holly shit.

    Yea my Phone plays DC or PSP Games at 3x Resolution. But i realised i wont Play when i need to Connect a Controller. I even bought a saitake Phone Controller and still….. I Play more oftenly in my GB Micro 🤣.

    Cant wait which Models will be available at end of 2020. A ps5 and an awesome retro Handheld… Im Happy. Stop developing further Systems.

  • Okay this might seem like a minor gripe but for someone who grew up with the Game Boy this is a big deal. On the GB emulator, no green tint? That's a big reason I loved the Bittboy Pocket GO was the default green tint on Game Boy games. If I have to mess around in settings every time I start up a GB game to get that original look, kind of a deal breaker for me.

  • 0:17 Jay Z lol

  • I won't be happy until there is a handheld that can run ps2 and gamecube at full speed.

  • Does it retain rumble/vibration function, mainly in PS1 emulator? Can we use a 2nd controller in otg port? Did you do this tests?

  • Taki, when do you think we will see Anbernic take their first stride into releasing a Rockchip or similar powered device?

  • Why does the color scheme remind me of go-gurt?

  • pitty about the small screen, I struggle to see the standard one

  • Ewww look inside, this things garbage

  • Damn i want one, but i can't found it on my country online stores.

  • Would love the 350m to have the saturation of the 280

  • Hey Taki, thanks for the great video. Do you have any lead on next gen flagship by Anbernic? I am waiting for bigger battery and no bezels screen on RG350 like device.

  • @Taki Udon how do you mod your RG350 from 3ds slide pad controls?

  • Screen is so tiny, you have to lose your eyesight. In today's day and age you really don't have to use something like this and put your health at risk. Losing eyesight doesn't hurt but losing it will greatly disadvantage you in life.

  • Wish it could do N64. I mean it can do PS1, why not N64? That's the only thing I dont like, that it can't do N64. Other than that, everything else about this is amazing!

  • aml92aml92

    Author Reply

    Wonder if it plays neo geo pocket color

  • PedsPeds

    Author Reply

    Great video! Do you know if this device is upgradable at all? Say I want to put a better processor chip in it to run n64 or Dreamcast, would that be a possibility?

  • All I got from this video is that I gotta buy another portable emulator. Damn you Taki! Damn you!!!

  • Looks like a great little system! Never really been that interested in emulation handhelds but this looks good! Great vid

  • beautiful

  • Can it run N64?

  • Any hope for a fix on the SNES scaling issue? I've been eyeing anbernic devices for a while and was almost set to buy this, but SNES is one of my favorite consoles.

  • Why is the headphone jack always at the top. I really hate that.

  • Looks like a switch thumb stick.

  • spyro and crash on the snes look pretty good


  • Great video! But I was wondering can you you play skyrim on the retroid pocket? Also can you do a tutorial on the shoulder button mod.

  • screen size too small, the size of the device is also not so comfortable to hold it for long

  • I wish it had the right thumb stick for games like pacman and others like it

  • Looks like a pain in the ass to use this system. He has to force the hands in a weird position so the stick does not gets in the way when using the dpad… No thank you

  • hmm looks actually interesting… But I guess there are no resolution/filter or speed up options available I guess… I love my Vita for PS1 games because it has 2 speed option (if modded) but I wish there would be a handheld with 2x or 3x higher internal resolution


  • Oof that price!

  • *sees The Legend of Dragoon footage

    Ah, I see you're a man of culture.

  • POWKIDDY V90 please