TheHiveLeader's Guide to Healing In MMOs

Thinking of playing a healer in that MMO? Well then, watch my tried and true Guide to Healing! It’s totally helpful! Or unhelpful. It’s a matter of opinion really…

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  • I played as a healer in Unison League, and when questing in a party, this one person started complaining, and I just let him dye meanwhile everyone else kept their mouth shut and did what they needed to do to pass the quest😅

  • it's shocking how old but still relevant this is haha

  • what game are you playing?

  • Don't heal if they continue to stand in bad.

  • As a healer main, this video speaks to my soul.

  • What is the game shown?

  • "I'm your god !"
    God was kicked from the party.

  • I just started getting into healing in ESO and I had to find this video again because people who aren't tanks queuing as tanks will be the death of my patience.

  • JRJR

    Author Reply

    I have seen people take the decluttering seriously. Cure I only in the lvl 50+ dungeons.

  • I play a healer and this is awesome

  • Look at the way they treated the greatest healer of all time He died for all of us. Him and his Father still gets blamed for the faults of humanity.

  • I wonder what a all healer party would look like. We'd be unstoppable. Who's the Tank now lol

  • How am I 7 years late to this?

  • MasyaMasya

    Author Reply

    That is just PERFECT! 10/10, explains perfectly how a healer works

  • Three main attributes to focus on as a healer:

    1.) High HP
    2.) High MP
    3.) High Defense ( physical/magical )

    That's all you need to focus your points on.

  • LOOOLLLLL So true

  • this is a timeless video

  • Lol only ffxiv has retarded people

  • how is it possible this is still relevant today? I fear you more than most men

  • This video is still relevant even six years later.

  • Always relevant

  • This video deserves way more views