Top 10 Hilarious Game Over Screens in Video Games

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Just because it’s an abrupt end to play doesn’t mean it has to be dull and dreary. For this list we’re looking at the sudden conclusions to gameplay that most often left folks chuckling and amused. Sometimes it’s paying off a looming threat in comedic fashion, sometimes it’s basking in a given situation’s absurdity, but always the result is a good laugh in the face of failure. Which of these did you find the funniest? Let us know in the comments!

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  • The constant war thunder commercials weren't that funny. One time is enough, watchmojo!

  • If i were playing total distortion id lose for the fun of it you are dead dead dead🤣🤣🤣

  • #1 Alien 3: Suspenseful music with a Xenomorph slobbering then….GAME OVER, MAN! using Bill Paxton's voice clip from Alien 2

  • Why did I dislike this video?

  • Incorporating ads into the video to get around adblockers. No thanks.

  • I can forgive the War Thunder ads, but mentioning "Get Dunked On" without mentioning Froggy Fresh aka Krispy Kreme is a crime.


  • what about Batman games?!?!?!?!?

  • What about deadpool

  • How about a list of death in fighting games.
    My favorite of all times is Deathpool in Marvel Vs Capcom 2. When killed as he''s aware he's in a videogame he tends to be-literate you for not being skillful enough to keep him alive and an alternative (yes I died many times) he Screams "YOU PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON" at that point he falls into the floor

  • 1.Hong Kong 97

  • Good list, just chill on the ads. (Nobody cares.)

  • KwekuKweku

    Author Reply

    Where is Deadpool?😢

  • Game Over YEAH!!!!

  • I'm unhappy that Deadpool wasn't included in this list. How could you?

  • Gruntilda is the reason I love lbd & dark hair,

  • Shut up about War Thunder already. You're seriously becoming a broken record. Just let us watch the video in peace.

  • Why is the Australian presenter using hard Rs? That isn't how we speak.

  • Cup head funny no no no no I donloaded it 9 months ago haven’t completed it and game over screens are not funny

  • How dare you not have road rash game over on here there were many scenes I loved the one with the police dog lol

  • did not recognize paper boy at all.. wtf was that.. US version ?

  • Down vote for annoying ads


  • 5 nights at fukbois got "gitgut" death scene

  • What about crash bandicoot games

  • Why am I suddenly thinking of the game over screen for Total Distortion oh right because it's hilarious. With Styx's 4th wall breaking game over screen hilarious as well. And two honorable mentions goes to this one game over screen you get in the first Dishonored basically one of Corvo's female allies is taking a bath and if you decide to barge in you'll get a game over screen saying the rebellion against the corrupt minister failed due to arguments between the revolutionaries, and this one game over screen from South Park: The Stick of Truth basically if you fail to disarm the Snuke during the final act of the game you'll get a cutscene of the entire town getting blown up in a nuclear blast followed by a quick version of the actual show's credits.

  • WatchMojo… No. Just…. No with the constant War Thunder ad. While your video was good, trying to force a game I'm not interested in anyway earned you guys a dislike from me.

  • Wuuut, I popped my first boner with that Gruntilda game over screen.

  • Just imagine someone modding that "you r dead" song into dark souls….

  • Those ads in your video's are going to make me unsubscribe to your channel real soon

  • I guess creators of "Styx" drew the idea from Deadpool: The Video Game, I especially enjoyed the phrase "Don't do that again." 🙂