Top 10 Ways To Come Up With Game Ideas

Trey Smith has more than 60,000,000 downloads in his game business. Here is how he comes up with new game ideas.

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Rolling Through Osaka by MK2

TFB9 by Vibe Tracks

Frequency by Silent Partner

Tremsz by Gunnar Olsen

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  • Hey guys, I have no idea how to say idea. Thanks. (Trey)

  • Thank you Trey Smith for the valuable information given because now I can start with a fresh perspective and work on a project I will believe be a success.

  • I'm a solo man I only have my brothers to give my ideas and u complain that u only have 3/4 people

  • how do I sell a good idea for a game?

  • I think I recently created an original game. The game mechanics arent new, but the recipe might be. Hopefully it'll become successful and get copied. Then the copied version making millions of dollars more than mine.

  • Best app ever

  • "Adea"

  • What does IP stand for?

  • I came here to get out a game idea in hopes someone will pick it up and make it.

    This game is set in a post apocalypse (zombieless) after an incredibly infectious flu virus with a devastatingly high death rate spreads globally from Hong Kong (this idea was first conceived before COVID-19, so there is no correlation there. It's mostly inspired by SARS). The game takes place 10-20 years after the infection died down in an overgrown New York City. Your biggest threats are other people and wild animals and you get most of your resources by hunting, fishing and gathering. No medicine, canned food or bullets remain and your most important tools are your trusty bow or crossbow and firelit torch. What sets this game apart from others, says Reddit (where I posted this originally), is its vertical map. All of Manhattan is big enough for a map, but it's made bigger with its vertical environment. Why build out when you can build up? That's why we have skyscrapers and I intend this game utilizes them.

    I'm also here for some feedback. Please let me know if it's good or not.

  • Game Over for Slide To Play
    It is with a heavy heart that we announce the end of Slide To Play

  • I dont need help coming up with game Ideas I just wanted to comment an idea I had on a horror game cus I want someone to know about it, but I have no friends.

    Horror game.
    Monster in the forest, a tall stickfigure lookin guy, except instead of a head, just a fireplace.
    Your given a drone, the objective is to collect 3 keys and get da heck outta dere.
    You can use the drone to go above the forest, to look for smoke, if you see smoke, thats probably the smoke coming from fireplace head guy, so you wanna avoid dat.
    You can also use the drone to scout ahead and look for keys
    you are also given a fire extinguisher, it has limited usage, and you gotta find fuel for it to work, it just slows down the guy.
    Each time you get a key the fireplace man changes, like, he will get faster, and his smoke is less visible, and he has a twitch, second key, he gets hunched over, and starts running, 3rd and last key, he gets on all fours and sprints at you full speed, smoke invisible, and fire extinguisher doesnt work.
    When hes in the last stage, you outta book it to the gate out of the forest, or he will kill u, it sounds good on paper, and I thought I was a genius, especially with the drone part, so that you can look for smoke above the forest.

  • I can't figure out if he's british or english. Any Idea?

  • man how can i made character weth the app or any app but how i can but the character

  • Sounds like Ikea

  • how to change an object into a character (The character is stable) or change its characteristics if touching it by another object. buildbox 2.3.8

  • 2:19. Said idea, not idil.

  • i will model and improve your games

  • You are the CEO and founder, so you are the one who made the presents, and now you are getting inspiration from it!!

  • Love it when he says idea 😂

  • Thats what iv been afraid of, creating a game or a novel that was already created but i didnt know existed please tell me how to avoid that? I dont play or read all those things….

  • DeathDeath

    Author Reply

    I Fucking Hate Long Videos, Bcs you know… We, People, Don't Have Time, But Seriously Your Video Was Extremely Helpful <3
    Thank You.

  • This isnt helpful

  • google neglected newgrounds, why?


  • I played fireboy and watergirl unblocked on hudgames someone please teach me how to play fire boy

  • Can anyone help me with some advice about making a game idea portfolio? I need something to give to my university for admission;

  • I’m working on a open world action FPS, it’s about if the USSR didn’t fall and that them and America were still in a Cold War until something happened causing them to nuke each other, kinda like a fallout game.

  • *How to make a trend surfing mobile game

  • think of saints row 4 super powers with destiney type and sometimes whats workin makes it a whole hell of a lot faster to just tweak and combine things especialy when ya get permisions and more help to complete it

  • I-dez

  • 1. google " game new sites " and get inspired from new games, eg: touch arcade
    2. inspiration from game jams
    3. looking at charts on steam
    4. inspiration from build box presets
    5. flash games sites
    6. look at forum boards
    7. playing games
    8. google play store , look at top charts
    9. apple app store
    10. making games