Top Ten Healers In Video Games

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When your sick or injured, you go to see a doctor. In video games, healers can be a life saver, just as doctors save lives in RL. Here are my picks for the ten characters who I think do the job best. Whether its via magic, technology, or whatever, these are characters you could trust with your heroes’ lives on the battlefield.

Dedicated to all those doctors out there who save lives on a daily basis.

Special thanks to Omega Snake for the specific footage he provided for the Number 3 segment.

Also, thanks to TyrannoGamer for giving me the idea of wearing a vegetable! XD

Honorable Mentions:
Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
Nina (Breath of Fire)
Blissey (Pokémon series)
Roll.EXE (Megaman Battle Network series)

PROLOGUE THEME: “Dr. Mario – Fever” (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

If you have your own favorite healers from games I haven’t played, feel free to share them!

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  • the medics real name is doctor ludwig

  • "He is so much fun to play as"
    Laughs in German

  • Me: Sees Cinnamon
    Me: Instant click

  • Man, this is a trip down memory lane. I dont even remember how old i was when i first watched this vid but i still remember it scarily well.

  • My Favorite Nurse Joy and Cinnamon

  • I came here hoping medic would be on this list and I am satisfied

  • I swear if medic is not on this list I will… uh… slice you with the Übersaw xD

    edit: good boye, ze medic is life

  • I'm glad Fina made it on this list.

  • cinnamon is my dogs name, and she is just as adorable as this cinnamon bun 5:28

  • this needs a redux

  • ever since their debut in a link to the past? even though they just look like normal fairies, there were certain rooms in zelda 1 with fairies that fully heal you. maybe he hasn't played zelda 1 or just doesn't count them as great fairies.

  • now that p5 is out, i'd say morganna would be a decent pick given how many skills he has that heal. joker wouldn't count since he's everything.

  • Basing a top 10 on people who save lives everyday

  • Basing a top 10 on people who save lives everyday

  • Basing a top 10 on people who save lives everyday

  • Where is Ness?

  • nurse koy is a blank slate so I would put her at # 11

  • Could you do a remake so you can add Mercy to it

  • Mercy?

  • Amazing game but it gets put under the rug because the graphics were only decent when it came out.

  • WTF!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Medic's other options are excellent as well. The Crusader's Crossbow allows Medic to heal at excellent ranges, The Kritzkrieg allows Medic to buff his teammates' offensive power, the Vaccinator allows Medic to more effectively keep his targets alive by increasing their resistance to certain kinds of offense, and the Quick-Fix provides a phenomenal healing rate at the cost of not having as good an Uber. Just don't use the Blutsauger, it's not as the stock in most situations (unless you're in MVM, in which case YOU ARE ZE UBERMENCH)

  • Since I'm twelve years old, haven't been diagnosed with it, and never learned about it, what does Type 2 Diabetes do?