Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Review ― 2021 RAV4 Prime Plug-in Hybrid MPG, Price, Worth & More

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime is a plug-in hybrid with around 40 miles of pure EV range. It’s also the second-quickest vehicle Toyota makes, right behind the Toyota Supra. Mark Takahashi explains why and what else you should know about this compact SUV.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime prices, reviews and pictures

2021 Toyota RAV4 prices, reviews and pictures

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  • Would you want a RAV4 as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or full EV? Read the full RAV4 Prime review: https://edmu.in/38emgz6

  • Car and Driver quotes0.75 g lateral grip. Pretty sad

  • Hypes up about that federal tax rebate sure it’s nice if you paid in $7000 in federal taxes that’s what you have to do to qualify not everyone is in that category

  • This is a plug in hybrid SUV. Why on earth is he reviewing it as if it's supposed to be a Miata? These guys need to go back and learn the basics. So many reviewers can never seem to stop reviewing the vehicles as driving enthusiasts. Review the product for its intended use and consumer. Ranking steering feel at the same level as reliability and resale is moronic for this product.

  • Toyota RAV4 or Volvo XC40?

  • De UDe U

    Author Reply

    With all of these Edmunds shortcomings on the Rav4, it's still the best seller in the segment and for all the right reasons too. Edmunds and Redline reviews have the same opinion on Toyotas

  • So – only 5000 units to be produced this year. Prepare to pay huge dealership markup. Good luck getting one. Toyota simply can't do it right. Finally an interesting car but then the botch the launch. What a disaster. https://electrek.co/2020/06/30/toyota-cuts-output-of-rav4-prime-plug-in-hybrid-for-us/

  • Hondas are so much uglier than toyotas are king of reliability

  • How about fuel consumption on full battery in hybrid mode on max distance 600miles?

  • This guy reviewing possibly the best selling model of any car in north america and using racing benchmarks to judge the car? What an idiot.

  • Seriously pathetic review. They want Toyota RAV4 to be BMW X3 or some sporty suv. No customers for RAV4 expect it to be “sporty”. That is why RAV4 is a top selling SUV. Maybe an authority for auto critic like him cannot accept the fact that non sporty suv like RAV4 scores top sales in USA.
    I noticed Consumer Report became very political for car ratings also.

  • I would have benchmarked it against a 911 Turbo.

  • Very baised review , This review guy simply ignored all best point of Toyota RAV4 like reliability , high tech safety , best Mileage etc.
    He is only focusing on some negative points.
    There is reason why RAV4 is still best selling SUV

  • Steering feel in a RAV4…. No one cars about steering feel on a RAV4. Generic ass testing

  • why does it get a tax refund it still has a stinking gas engine…… just get a real EV nice and simple

  • I wish SOME BRAND other than Tesla would make an EV or PHEV that's fun to drive! Being green isn't a good enough reason to charge so much more money over a regular gas model. It should be more fun to drive too!

  • My biggest concern is how many ev miles the prime will have 10 to 15 years down the road.

  • What’s the point in doing these videos on the RAV4 Prime. Apparently we won’t be able to get one until 2022.

  • Looking to hate it from minute one. Closed minded review. Poor when other reviews were the total opposite.

  • Edmunds ranking does not count when its 1st world wide. Fake review.

  • Terrible review! Go see Alex on Auto review.

  • Dumb edmunds… Do hell with your problems and useless complaints about Toyota ….

  • I was hoping it would come with Amazon Prime.

  • I don't think you are correct that you make "all" the power it takes to get up the hill back on the way down through regen breaking. You'll make some, but regen is not efficient enough to regen 100%.

  • Mo VMo V

    Author Reply

    I don't know if people would buy the RAV4 Prime in the odd chance it'll bring the S in SUV, but if Toyota is marketing it as a sporty vehicle then they're preaching to the wrong audience.

    Also, does anybody get Robert California vibes from Mark with this analogies and hairdo? Haha

  • it's the best selling small SUV in its class and you rank it 7th…

  • I really enjoy how through you are! Great review.

  • I have a funnie feeling someone 1 is pointing a gun 2 his head and makin sure he better stay Mostly negative. News update they jus caught the threatening gentle man by the name honda. 😂

  • for refernce look at this video https://youtu.be/cEFXSIV2DpM

  • Shaky cam?

  • Why are you running about of breath from talking

  • En FnEn Fn

    Author Reply

    have wondered what the purpose of charging mode is. Now you told me. – the basic RAV4 is very soft and sloppy also; i noticed it in test drive. It swings like a boat. Maybe drop it with tighter springs? 5.9 0-100? I don't believe you can't have fun with it. Your acceleration test there looked like it did 10 secs.

  • Thank you for a great review. I always enjoy Edmunds video. At $47k fully loaded or $40K after subsidy, it does not even come with leather? I go for CRV Hybrid and save the money for gas.

  • Very very prejudiced review … 😒

  • MeS&WMeS&W

    Author Reply

    It's a sloppy mess on a race track? It's a Crossover SUV, not a race car.

  • For balance the reviewer really ought to criticise the Miata for not having 5 seats and a large cargo volume!

  • Supra is the fastest car in our lineup…a Toyota salesman

  • You really gonna charge as much as a model y for this thing?

  • I would have talked about the fuel economy more… that’s the true impact of this suv