Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue Longplay

100% Longplay of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue for the PS2. This playthrough covers:

– all 44 Missions (including the unlisted ones)
– all 30 Kromium Orbs
– all 30 Bilbies
– all 50 Platinum Cogs
– all 175 Picture Frames
– all 25 Koala spies
– all 10 Gooboo Steve hiding spots
– all health upgrades
– 1st place on all Kart-racing tracks

Time-specific notes:

– Around 14:35, I did some off-screen opal-grinding so I could purchase some of the boomerangs sooner, which is why I suddenly have so many opals at that point.
– At 46:08, I’d missed a Picture Frame in the sewer area, so I cut the footage until I managed to find it.

Also, if you’re having trouble getting 100%, make sure you’ve bought all the boomerangs from Sly’s Shack. That gave me a lot of trouble when I first played this. I didn’t purchase all boomerangs in this video is because I would’ve had to spend several hours tediously grinding opals until I had enough to buy every last boomerang in the game. Most of the ones I didn’t already purchase aren’t really that useful anyway, in my opinion.

If you have any feedback, or questions about anything related to the video, feel free to leave a comment; I check them frequently and will always respond to questions within 24 hours. Thanks for watching 😀


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  • Whenever they remaster this series I hope they have a difficulty setting

  • Can anyone explain to me what these games were even about? I was so young I was just playing and having fun, I don’t even think I realized it had a story

  • I like shazza in ty the tasmania tiger

  • 22:56 my guy just said “suicide is badass” lol

  • I mean, if we're just throwin remasters out there these days… eh, ehh??

  • damn the nostalgia that hit me when he turned into the cannon 6:17

  • This game brought back deep memories I forgot existed

  • Falterdan to you, thanks for uploading this video!

  • "You little beauty" 😭😭

  • WHOA!
    Bad Joke, Ty!

  • Can't wait for this to be remastered like the first one here's to another great game that has come back from the past

  • Omg after 11 years finally got this game to work can’t believe it

  • Wonderful Soundtrack!

  • Tried playing this game at my gfs house, never figured out where tf to go. sorry, this game sucked

  • Hey

  • Who came back to this when Nintendo announced the HD game on switch

  • I forgot how deeply engrained in my psyche these sound effects and music are

  • My childhood at it's finest😻👌

  • zmbrezmbre

    Author Reply

    Damn this is a throwback, I used to play this on the gamecube. And I didn't understand a word of what they were saying.

  • It feels so long ago since i played this. I never beat the game cause i was too little to understand what the objectives were. I almost forgot about this. All i needed was that music to kick in and i instantly remembered it. Good times. And apperantly the first Ty is getting a remaster on the Switch? Thats dope.

  • This game gave me depression as a kid

  • Depois de 5 anos achei esse jogo Maravilhoso

  • Finally getting to playing this myself… it's a lot better than the first one to 100% for a video because the picture frames aren't so difficult to collect. Still, I would hate doing this without being able to use your video for guidance.. so thanks once again.

  • When I was young, times where I came across Gooboo Steve, I always wondered what he meant by "THEM". (Also saying they're purple)
    Then many years later, I realized that he was heavily hinting the Quinkan, which explains the 2nd ones secret ending that forwarded to the 3rd game.

    I loved the brief foreshadow they give.

  • Almost forgot about this masterpiece. Spent most of my days playing this as a youngin along with nfs underground 2

  • Fuck. This game made me rage when i was 6.

  • 33:27 ASMR

  • For some reason I just cannot do those turret sections, they’re really slow :/

  • Had to be one of the best ps2 games. Randomly remembered this game one day.miss it

  • When I was like 4 I had this game on the GC and never beat it I was stuck on first level and left my GC at my nephews house now I'm almost 14 still haven't beaten it been looking for this game for 8 yrs!! Couldnt remember the name of the game now I'm reunited with my child hood friend 😭😭😭😭😭

  • viqpyviqpy

    Author Reply

    Memory check

  • Mi infancia cuanto amé ese juego

  • I think I relate to Sly's attitude.

  • 1:53:44 was my favorite mission in this game when I was a kid

  • I literally just hummed the entire menu theme song and I haven’t heard it in at least 10 years

  • Anyone else watch this shit like every other day just because you can't play Ty ATM? 💀🤣💀 My son broke my Xbox 360 hard drive so now I can't play ty on it anymore till I get a new one 🤣