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PeanutButterGamer goes on a virtual vacation with some Vacation Games!

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  • Big James jr reference

  • Watching this after his 7/10 stream where he denouncing hating dizzy bird shows how quickly his views has changed on the bird

  • Just gonna throw this out there, but It’s thanks to PBG that I chose to purchase Go Vacation. And with all the fun areas and ways to get around? I’d be a fool not to have bought it!

  • I'd watch a Benny Henderson show.

  • R u Canadian I can’t tell?

  • I’m honestly surprised he didn’t put animal crossing new Rison is on the list.

  • what is the website that you can make websites?

  • Its weird that how he looks and his channel never changes :s.

  • I know you put a lot of hard work into this episode and I just wanted to say it really paid off because it turned out great! Keep up the good work, Peebs 🙂

  • I haven't watched this channel in years

  • casecase

    Author Reply

    I remember watching you play Go Vacation on stream, looked like a super chill game.

  • Why does the duck deserve to be drowned

  • No vacation for pbg until he stops uploading for a bit

  • 13:35 pls don’t delete this I need it

  • PTSD isn't funny.

  • Guys…… I don't think he wrote that VPN description…..

  • “I’ll be the first in line” gonna have to race brutal moose tho

  • Did I come for Go Vacation?
    Did I get sent back several years and am now gonna watch the full series made by an irish youtuber to relive those memories?

  • I've got a laptop that can play vr but the headset is so damn expensive.

  • did i just hear peebs say weird ass people


  • palm trees will eat peebs which believes in weebs

  • 5:15 basketball lol

  • Nice to see Peebs asserting his right to Bare Arms; sexy😍💖

  • 16:46 I thought that was Vinny on the left for a second. I checked it and it wasn't.

  • this man stil be rocking og htc

  • Who played the snowboarding game because it was pretty fun

  • 0/10 No nipples

  • I like to add to your Coin-Game debate:
    It's not a vacation, it's roughly a stay-cation, considering you're not going anywhere, and you stay at your home town

  • 10/10 best intro every would watch again

  • 10:56 that car has the flux compassotor in it

  • After I was introduced to the coin game I played it I am now addicted help me

  • I think PUBG should become a professional basketball player he’s a pro

  • NerpNerp

    Author Reply

    Good Vid!

  • 4:44

  • the first game is just danganronpa goodbye despair without monokuma

  • that vacation king skit was incredible

  • Yo what was that song at the beginning with the Mountain Dew?

  • I can’t stop laughing at your videos! The editing and humor is 10/10! ❤️

  • yes.

  • A Wii Sports open world would be awesome. The island of the second game would of been awesome to explore.

  • Did he swear? I don’t care HES a adult he can do anything 10:54

  • I remember playing Go Vacation on my Wii ages ago! I had no idea it had come to the switch. I played the heck out of it, messing around and getting hit by the train was a ton of fun.