What is the strongest END GAME CRISIS? – Stellaris

Which of these 3 universe destroying events are the strongest? Let’s find out in the greatest way possible! A galactic bloodbath of over 30 AI nations trying to survive the 3 events together.

The 3 end game events are of course

The unbidden – Extradimensional killing machines

The AI rebellion – Anyone could be a synth!

The Prethoryn Swarm – “MUGANI? HAK HAK HAK! -Prethoryn hive mind”

Anyway if you have anymore tests you want to see take place in stellaris then leave a comment as we can sure as hell try it out!



2.IMPOSSIBLE REMIX – Tired Alan Walker

Please watch: “Building a PERFECT Skegness – Cities Skylines”



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  • The unbidden is not as friendly as the blorg ;(

  • Is this the first video we hear his voice in?

  • I didn’t know spiff made so many stellaris videos

  • Love the song you put this to!

  • the ai rebelion was at a disadvantage being spawned so close to the scourge

  • best thing when you winning is to get end of the cycle.. 😀
    the rage of your multiplayer enemies is endless

  • Currently working on my second stellaris game in the history of my stellaris lifetime and using this as a guide to mentally prepare myself ^^;

  • The Unbidden were a fucking laughingstock in my game, the xenophiles awakened we and just slammed the extradimensional little buggers with 250k+ fleet power each fleet 😛 I legit just threw my whole navy against the portals and prayed to God the other empires in my hegemon federation didn't get destroyed, because I couldn't protect them all (I had some god-killingly strong fleets but not many fleets)
    Wanna know how? Scion lmao

  • ReshyReshy

    Author Reply

    Do the Vehement and Abberant not spawn in this, or was that a more recent thing that they added?

  • The first ever crisis faction i met was The Unbidden. They had a big fleet but it was only like doubke as big as mine. It seemed big but I was in a federation with two people with equivaent fleet size.

  • Try this again with end of the cycle and contingency

  • The Spiffing Brit, you seem more sane in this than you do in your newer vids

  • Do I hear build the machine, that BATIM song?

  • Took me nearly 200 years to dwindle a fleet stack of a million. The most I could muster was 100k and each engagement reduced them by several thousand. The local Awakened Empire was dragging its feet putting a stop to the Unbidden so it really was just me and another empire besides the Awakened trying to mop up the mess. In the end, after
    my fifth attempt to wipe them out, the Awakened finished them off without my knowing. I was a bit miffed.

  • Hauptsache danach kommt eine Werbung, dass KI vieles vereinfacht. xD

  • The one weakness against the scourge that is the most effective I've seen is starve em

  • Is this pre Yorkshire tea influence Spiff? Not spicy at all

  • I just experienced the scourge for my first time. Jesus these bastards are a nightmare

  • I love how the Aberrant and Vehement (The two other extra dimensional invaders) pop out and immediately die

  • Unbidden are garbage for me. The AI just pens them in and wipes them. They suck so hard. Only ever lost a singer AI race to them, and I only had two encounters with them on that run, and my fleets couldn't even get there in time.

  • Wait so how the f did it all work?

    Why did some parts suddenly collapse? Like, why did the scourge suddenly go…extinct? How did the unbiden expand so suddenly?

  • I'm assuming you set the end game crisis power to x1, no? Else they would have burned through the fallen empires

  • Is it intended that you left the unbiden to fight their two rivals from the same realm?

  • Ok but when does he exploit the game?


  • I started the endgame crisis at the start of a game once… it was prethoryn scourge and I decided to make the unbidden, along with their infighting buddies, come along as well. Endgame difficulty was on max.
    Then I was like "wait oh crap I didn't mean to do that" but realized I could have some fun with this. I gave my starting species tonnes of tech (constantly completing, unpausing, repausing, picking new tech, repeat (building a dyson sphere when only 2 years into the game? I see no problems here)), tonnes of gene modification points and then uplifted them to having as many positive traits as possible and no negative ones, including synthetics, and, while intending to just make my starting world a Gaia, accidentally made every planet in the galaxy into a Gaia. I got tonnes of government points and just grabbed as many government features as possible, as well as ascension perks etc. Basically I made my empire into a super-empire when it only had 4 systems. I used "max resource" to max out my resources and gave it all to other empires repeatedly so theirs would be maxed and then their love of my resources was used to get migration treaties which I used for colonizing every world under my control, so that I could then apply lots of cool genes to and uplift the pops from the other species while having xeno compatibility just for that pop growth. I tried asking them all to become my protectorates so they'd get my tech and be able to uplift as well but they all turned me down.
    The other empires only really served to slow the endgames down and get me extra pops to gene-max and massively increase pop growth through xeno compatibility. My empire ended up constantly being on the move, with borders actually changing constantly as I fought for new territory, lost territory, and basically just had to keep going as much as possible. My entire empire ended up halfway around the map before I finally got a breakthrough in that the Unbidden's infighting buddies showed up and were able to distract the Unbidden, who I was in the territory of, enough for me to focus on wiping out the Scourge (since those naughty boys messed up my Gaia worlds in their territory) and this allowed me to whip around and attack the Unbidden and their buddies. I would always attack whoever the strongest was, as the weaker ones would be concentrating on them as well, and I figured it would be the most efficient way about it. I ultimately came out on top and colonized every planet in a small galaxy with a species straight out of a fascist's wet dreams… then I deliberately pissed everyone off to have some fun crushing a rebellion but overestimated my power and got rekked by hungry peasants.

  • The real answer is "The End of the Cycle".

  • SionSion

    Author Reply

    5:40 Can someone explain why & what is happening to the Scourge here?
    why does it just "self destruct"?
    As I see it (not a Stellaris player), It has no resistance to the right & should easily have taken about half the galaxy there.